Thursday, April 8, 2010

Photo Update

Life has been hectic. I will have much more to share come May but until then I'll just post some recent photos from Easter.

Davy had her first two Easter egg hunts. She can't quite pronounce egg - it sounded more like "I-agg." But she really got into it. And she talks so much now! Lots of jibberish and jabbering but her most repeated phrases are "that's Momma/Dada/anyone else whose name she can say", "Go bye bye!" and of course, "I poo-poo."

Airplane! I took about 5 different shots here but she could only talk about the planes overhead.

I hate this photo. Easter was muggy & warm and since we went to the 8am service, I didn't have time to shower and get all ShaNaNaNaNa. Russ and I were so beat by the time we took this photo but since we're terrible about taking family shots, here you go.


Lindsey said...

Hope all is well with you! How is gearing up for the new practice going? At least you attempted the dreaded family photo. True confession-didn' Even worse, it was brother's first easter! Love ya

Haley said...

She has gotten so so big. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for your previous post too. :)