Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Bird in the Hand...

Folks, it's been pitifully long since I faithfully posted. Forgive me. If anyone is still following, I promise to do better at updating at least once a month. This blog got pushed to the back burner last spring when I began working on opening a private practice with 3 other friends & clinicians. With that being said, we named ourselves Sparrow House Counseling. (our website should be up & running in t-minus next week or so) We have our official Open House this week and I thought I'd show you the wooden sign we hung in our waiting room yesterday (forgive the iPhone photo quality):

I love our logo. Many, many thanks to Switch Creative Group and Kimi Dallman, also of former K-Life/Kanakuk fame, for handling our branding, logo, website and stationary. We could not have begun to market ourselves out of a paper bag.

Currently, I'm working on finding a fun collection of prints to be hung above my desk. I'm used to the classic ones you see on the walls of some therapists' offices: the kitten posters admonishing you to "Hang in There!" or the ubiquitous Thomas Kincaid paintings. I think my style is eclectic and that I'd rather my clients get a few snapshots into my head. Here's one that's going up:

I ordered several of those. I also have a great Hammerpress print, a little bird perched atop a cowboy boot, that will go up. Many thanks to Missy Williams who has held my hand along the way. She handled everything from choosing our paint colors to doing our space planning. I'll post a photo of my office once the dust settles (that only takes about 6 months, right) so you can feel the zen.


Jack said...

Woohoo! I was so excited to see a post from you! I feel you on keeping up with the blog-really want to, but it somehow never makes it to the top of my priority list.

Congrats on opening up the new office. This is such a big step that I know took lots of faith and courage. So proud of you! On behalf of all your clients, thank you for staying far from pictures of kittens and Kincaide. Kisses to Davy!

Love ya

Chrys and Mike said...

So cool! It looks fabulous! Congrats.

We go to church w/ Kimi. :]


Missy Williams said...

Beck, the office looked fabulous tonight!!! Love it! :)

J. Page said...

Yay! So glad to see a blog update! Congrats on this new endeavor- I am so proud for you! Love the way everything looks- can't wait to see more pics!