Monday, December 1, 2008

Whirlwind, in a good way...

In the past four days we celebrated Thanksgiving, my birthday, drove a total of 10 hours with a 4 month old, spent time with 3 different extended families (Page side, Meredith side, and Gillham side), and celebrated Russ' birthday. Whew! I'm gonna confess, I barely took a photo over Thanksgiving probably because I was so concerned about my baby spending the night around other poor souls who were hoping to sleep. The rest of the Pages were good sports about it though. Want to see great photos from the holiday? Please go to Johnna's blog. Johnna, I am always jealous of your photo taking and posting capabilities.

I did happen to get a few photos of Davy with both my brother and Katy.

So yesterday I wanted to post a special birthday post for Russ...alas, I wasn't able to access my computer. But let it be known, I am so grateful for your 33 years, Russell. I'm sure I could get an "Amen" from a few readers out there who know and love my husband. He is simply one of the good ones. Did you know that he was once Bartender of the Year in Lubbock, Texas? Or that he can fix just about anything around the house? Did you know that he has hunted rats under the house...with a headlamp and Bebe gun? Or that if he is making a meal for guests, he never forgets tasty appetizers? (makes his own escargot) Russ enjoys great conversation, yummy food, being outdoors, being with his family, being a boy (hunting, fishing, golfing, etc) and he is also really smart. He will totally disagree with that last one but it's true.

Not to mention he absolutely loves to be the one to wake up Davy. I think he just likes being the first to see her face light up in recognition. What a sweet daddy. Love you Russ! I'm your biggest fan!