Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's Not Like She's Jennifer Aniston

Gang, can we talk about Kate Gosselin?* You know, of Jon & Kate + 8 infamy? Bless her heart. (There, I said, "bless her heart" which is Southern for "now I'm gonna gossip but it will all be done out of care & concern.")

I'm not going to harp on the lunacy of doing reality television and then wondering why your marriage is breaking up. And I'm not going to say anything condemning about complaining about paparazzi when you've subjected all eight of your children to almost zero privacy during their formative years. They had some major bills to pay and major pressure to provide for their family, I know.

I just wanna talk about her hair.

I don't know about you, but when the season opener aired, I tuned in to see that Kate's figure looks excellent (she's been very open about the plastic surgery she had to repair her tummy after all those bambinos) and that she was tan and had some serious French Manicure going on. But I kept thinking, "who is her publicist, stylist, or friend?" Will no one tell her how awful that haircut is? Then I went online and saw that people are actually going in to their salons and asking for the Kate Gosselin 'do.

Is it just me, y'all? I felt the same way about Kristin's hair last season on Biggest Loser:

I loved her personality and she looks so much cuter than this now...but the hair. Ladies, the skunk streak was always your hair stylist's desire to put his/her hair show talent into works. It should never have gotten popular.

But far, far worse than the streaks is the reverse mullet:

I forgave her for this the first few seasons of the show but now I'm concerned. I thought, "well, that's just some mom hair or maybe she's from a small town." But. The spikiness is just not flattering at. all. Please, please comb that part down. A nice bob would look lovely on her. Go for the bob, people!

I know I'm being terribly snarky and cruel in this post. I really feel for the Gosselins, especially since it would appear that they are both hurting and seem to see no way out of this hit to their marriage. I really think fame can be detrimental to people.

But the hair.

*this post is dedicated to Stacy Mangold, who will appreciate it.


Kay said...

I was at my hair stylist's today and saw the latest People Magazine with the latest on this poor couple. Crazy! Surely there are better ways to provide for 8 children. Fame brings pain along with the money. I think the hair is easy for her to take care of. Nuff said.

dianeroutson said...

As usual, I worry about the kids. As for the parents, they need some serious therapy.
Now, the hair. I love your comment about the reverse mullet as the mullet bespeaks redneck, gun-totin' . . . well, you know what I mean.
I think Kate believes she is a style setter. I saw her on Rachel Ray once and I was not impressed with her attitude. She needs some ball bearings to roll around in her hands and she'd be complete. Perhaps if she'd get out of the spotlight, get some serious help for her family (now that they can afford it), and focus on the kids, she might also come around in the hair department.
If I sound mean, I apologize. I see another woman in Kate who thrives on the media attention instead of being Mom to her kids.

Kay said...

Spot on, Sis.

Kristie said...


My roommate loves the "bless her heart" code phrase we use (particularly, sadly, those of us in the church).