Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Opnions Needed!

I need some help. The other night while driving to Gloria's on Greenville to meet Emily for dinner, I happened to see this chair on the side of the road. I stopped, reversed, took a good look, then decided I needed a second opinion. After a margarita for us both, Emily came back with me and gave her approval on the chair. It had potential.

Since then it's been sitting on my back porch and I've yet to even wipe it off because I wanted to see if I'd still find it appealing in any way. Sometimes I just don't trust my own taste.

My question is what would you do to this chair? It is black leather with nailhead work on the sides. The chairback is damaged with some wear and tear at the top. Would you restore the leather? Recover it? Would you DIY or get it recovered professionally? What kind of fabric would you use?

Thanks, friends. My design friend Missy is in Africa this month. I'm thinking that she won't be checking my blog being that she's getting a microfinance company off the ground in the Sudan. Wah. She really needs priorities.


Eddo said...

I'd get a great fabric from potterbarn, something floral and airy and keep it on the back porch after I recovered it.

The style is great, nice lines, it could be modern or traditional if you updated the legs.

I like this fabric with a nautical pillow:

For a more masculine look.

Excellent Nautical Pillows at Williams Sonoma Home:

lindsay said...

no way in heck I'd recover it myself because I'm not that clever. BUT I do heart your trash-treasure and think you should be able to find someone here in town to help ya! Ask Erika about fabric-- you know she'll have a great plan!

Noelle said...

Oooh Beck I like it. Am I a bit crazy that I kinda like the way it looks now ...?

If the weathered leather look isnt what you are going for, find a fun material and get it recovered.

The Mitchells said...

Leather furniture from other peoples houses makes me nervous. I've slept on a used leather couch and looking back on it...I shouldn't have ever sat on it without blankets in between.

However, if you cleaned it...I think it's GREAT.

Beck said...

Was that used leather couch the infamous one from your husband's Belmont duplex? Let's hope this chair doesn't have a case of the hiv.

Rachael said...

I love it B. I just saw a an srticle on George Stephanopolis and Ali (can't remember her name, but she is on Oprah every Friday) house in DC and in their sitting room they have a completely tattered leather chair. It can work.

However, if that "look" will not fit with the rest of your house/decor then just get it recovered. I bought a chair at Goodwill for $15 bucks and got it recovered and it looks AMAZING!

Inorder to choose fabris, where would said chair be going? Bedroom, living room, den? That is how I determine fabric choice.

All in all, i think it is a GREAT find. I love trash to treasure. Every piece must have a story!

Dwelling said...

What a find! Love the nailhead trim and tufting. I would give it a good clean and see what you think. I am not sure how it would work with the rest of your house, but reupholstering it would be great. If you go that route, I'd have it done professionally and use a kid/pet friendly fabric. There are actually some great indoor/outdoor fabrics that have some style going on.

PS....thanks for sharing on my blog. I am so sorry you went through it 3 times over. I am praying this is my first and only experience with the dreaded "M" And for your Kanakuk comment....I have been thinking about it trust me. It makes me want to call all the directors and tell them to get their skin checked!

dianeroutson said...

First, I was surprised that you picked up a chair you found along the side of the road. I mean, where has it been? If the side of the road is in Ottawa Hills here (the wealthiest part of Toledo) I might consider picking up a discarded chair. If it's in a questionable part of town, I'd keep on driving.
Second, since you seem to want it, I agree that how you cover it depends on where you will use it. And how would you sanitize it?

This posting requires updates!! My curiosity is definitely piqued.
What did Mom say?

Katy said...

At least with an old leather chair you're not wondering, how many farts from some old man are buried in this fabric. Leather can be cleaned right up while fabrics seem to hold onto everything for life. Think about it.

p.s. I dig it. I like the weathered look but maybe it looks better in pics than in person.