Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Changing People: Recipe for Lexapro

I spend a lot of time thinking of things to blog about. But rarely do those ideas make it all the way here. I've been really lazy lately, posting videos of Davy, leaving one-liners. I'm working quite a bit these days so please forgive my lack of depth or insight!

My newest guilty tv pleasure is a little train wreck called "NYC Prep" on Bravo. I have a love/hate relationship with Bravo's reality shows. I think the network completely takes advantage of certain groups of people who are clamoring for their 15 minutes and makes glittery horse crap out of their lives. "NYC Prep" is the Real Housewives of wealthy high-schoolers living in Manhattan. While I usually cringe during each episode, I also find myself feeling protective and loving towards these too-big-for-their-britches kiddos...after all, who has already forgotten the angst and self-loathing covered with a thin veneer of bravado that is high school?

Below is a favorite clip of mine, mostly because brown-haired friend plays an excellent therapist to Jessi, NYCP's sassiest version of a budding Miranda Priestly:

So true. So, so true.


Jess said...

Becky, I just had to comment on your previous post (on this post, b/c I wasn't sure if you go back to check previous comments:)).....Davy was making me laugh so hard in her drama over the blueberries. I like how the second you put a berry on her tray, she dropped the act. My goodness, it must be hard to be a toddler! :)

Also, love your cute black and white curtains!

Amanda said...

oh Becky...I too am in love with all things "real" on Bravo. NYC Prep is a jewel...sometimes I find myself wishing I could talk some sense into these kids....but at the same time I am fascinated by this unusual life they live.