Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Don't Stop Till You Cry Enough

I am so sorry, Paris. It's not fair, having to share your only daddy's death with everyone in the world. When everyone else is crying just as hard as you, it steals away some grief.

I've felt cynical and annoyed ever since hearing about Michael Jackson's death. The media frenzy that centers on exploiting every.last.tidbit of information about celebrity makes me feel weary. Even watching part of the tribute today I felt irritated with the god-status that some seemed to bestow on Michael Jackson. But then when Marlon Jackson spoke, I realized how painful it must be to try to mourn the loss of a loved one of whom everyone had a piece.

And now I feel sad. Just listening to his music has brought back a lot of nostalgia and memories. I have so many thoughts but I'll keep quiet and just listen to the music...


Rachael said...

Ahhh, Beck I love that you posted the Mayer tribute, one of my favorite performances. And I agree with you, it was GUT WRENCHING watching that beautiful little girl mourn her father in such an awkward and public manner. My cynical mind even question if it was "planned" based on Janet's admonishen to "speak up" and into the mic. Sad, sad. I hope these kids can find some peace and normalcy, but I know that is going to be very difficult. Thanks for posting this.