Wednesday, September 9, 2009


via Don

A few years ago our friends, the McKeaiggs, told us they were contemplating a move to Portland, OR. We felt a little shocked, as we'd begun to imagine hanging out with them for a few more decades. As we sat and casually listened to their thoughts about the possible move, nodding and "hmmming" as they reasoned with us, I was silently warring with myself. In my mind, I leaned over and grabbed fistfuls of Emily's blond locks and screamed, TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!

Sometimes I just don't feel at all like I *fit* in Dallas. I mean, I got tears in my eyes watching that video, people. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the family and friends in our life here but I think about moving away probably several times a month. I suffer from a severe case of "grass is always greener."

I will now console myself by remembering that Portland has nothing like the State Fair of Texas.


lindsay said...

but Portland aint got no Carrekers...
unless there's an exiled cousin I'm unaware of

now, if we want to relocate our entire CG... that's another story and I'll willing to discuss.

Aleks "OLA" Stewart said...

OK, so Scoop and I went on "northwest lovefest" to Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. And when we told people in Seattle and Vancouver that we had been to Portland, they told us Portland is to them like Houston is to us. What?!? Have you people ever been to Houston???

Lindsey said...

WARNING:This comment could be it's own blog post

I love you for this post and feel your angst. I consider myself a southern transplant since I was born and raised in Arizona, but I have married a southerner (entire fam is in AL!) and there is little chance we will ever leave. Meaning my children will be born in raised in Alabama, so we will be traveling A LOT. I really liked living in different parts of the country and my fam is all over-Nashville, Chicago, Colorado, California, Virginia, but we are relegated to Alabama (a state where the unofficial motto is "thank God for Mississippi and Louisiana"-as in at least we don't rank 50th). Sigh. If you move let me know and I'll start working on Jonathan for us to do the same. Maybe we just need a good girl's weekend some time soon! Love ya

Jana said...

The grass is definitely greener here! Come visit at least!

If it makes you feel better, the things depicted in that video are romanticized and not completely accurate of what it is like to live here with young children. However that would make a good video too because there are a million of great things to do with kids!

Looking forward to seeing you at the dinner in December!