Monday, November 30, 2009


The hubs is a Superperson, in case you can't tell from his 1978 tee.

Look, even back then, he was a sweet, laid back boy. Truly, the guy is in his element when he can just relax and talk one on one with someone - a quality that quickly (is 9 months quick?) sucked me in...

This one is my favorite. So tuckered out. Dirty jeans. Dirty face. Boys, you know?

I married the coolest guy ever. Sorry. He's taken.

Happy Birthday to Russ! My sweet boy!


Chrys and Mike said...


laughing aloud...

happy birthday!


Jess said...

You got a good Hubs, Beck!

J. Page said...

You did get a good one...He reminds me a lot of my sweet husband!:) We are both very blessed girls. Tell Russ happy belated birthday from all three of us! We'll have to celebrate both of you at Christmas. Btw, that couch in the bottom pic was in our house for the first two years of our marriage.