Thursday, January 14, 2010

Momma's Got A Brand New Bag

(Sometimes I hate trying to come up with post titles)

I bought this today at Target. This photo doesn't do it justice, however. The inside contains several sections, including a padded one for my laptop. There is a wallet compartment, a phone compartment, and something perfect for diapers. See, I'm not really a purse person. Don't get me wrong, I love great bags. But I hate toting a purse around and I tend to get tired of them very easily. Also, I can't justify spending loads of cash on a purse that I'm going to toss in the backseat and onto the floor of the ladies room and spill apple juice inside get my drift.

I currently carry a canvas bag from J.Crew:

Loved it for about 4 months. It's just simple enough to work for me. But the downsides are: no sturdy bottom so the purse leans to whichever side carries the most weight, a canvas bottom so it will need a good washing by now, and only one small zip pocket with no other compartments. It served it's purpose for 4 months and now I'm moving on to a bag more suited for work/mommydom.

My ideal bag would be stylish but have the accoutrements of a Mountainsmith pack:

I loved this pack. It totally worked for my Kanakuk/K-Life days. You know, 'cause I had to carry my bible, and my Beth Moore bible study, and my life was so WILD! Seriously though, why doesn't Mountainsmith make diaper bags?

On a totally different note, Russ and I have begun* the P90X workouts. I'm scared to even mention this because it means...dun dun dun...accountability. But I need to let folks know so they understand why I must grab the back of my knees to ensure that I can pick my legs up to move them forward. Or why sitting up might bring a torrent of hot, salty tears from my eyes.

*I said BEGUN! I can't promise anything more than that, people.


Kristie said...

I always find great bags at Target. And when they get destroyed, well, who cares? They were relatively inexpensive to begin with- just go get a new one! :)

Stinkypaw said...

I love bags with multiple compartments, nice choice!