Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My BF is a Techno Snob

So trying to keep up with Katy can be hard - seems she's always got something new in the works. (oh, you will not be disappointed if you go there) Anyway, we are now on opposite schedules. She gets off work around 5pm and that is when we are descending into the tearful hours around here. (note: if you have ever tried to reach me between 4 and 7, now you'll know why.) So the other day we finally decided to iChat. Kates does this all the time. She even suggested, "we could always Skype, too." Skype? Ain't that whut they do on Oprah? I feel so up to date by having a best friends who keeps me clued in on these things. Last night we had our first iChat date of what I hope to be many!


life with the wisners said...

Oh yeah. And I SO got to be a part of it. I figured out why i was trying to yell - because I thought I was on speaker phone. Make more sense? I won't even tell you that I don't even know what skype is. Sorry.

Oh and friend. 4-7? Those are called the witching hours. We all know about them. Take her outside. You'll be amazed. It does wonders. Even at her age. Take a blanket and some toys. You will both benefit. I promise.

Mike and Jess said...

I have yet to try video chat, I totally need to get with the program! Looks like such a fun way to "see" your far-away friends!

Katy said...

That was the best! We had a face to face conversation! Of course most of it was us staring at ourselves and remarking on our looks :) Oh, Vanity! And then we found the fun feature that distorts our faces. It was all over after that discovery. Can't wait until next time!