Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Homeboy Needs a Job

Go here!

Seems like I have about 10 friends (along with almost 30,000 other strangers) competing for The Best Job in The World. But I gotta go with my blood here & ask that you click on the link above to vote for my brother, Josh Meredith, by watching his video and giving him 5 stars.

Please have mercy on him. This is the brother who I once gave a cup of feces to in order to trick him into drinking it. Hasn't he suffered enough? The kid deserves an awesome job and I can say honestly that he would be good at it! (A little biased? Yes.)

More proof of his past suffering can be seen here and here.

You can also listen to his music here.


J. Page said...

Just voted! His video is really good. See you this weekend.