Saturday, March 7, 2009

Isn't She Lovely?

So Davy cut her first tooth this past week. And then she promptly returned to her usual temperament of smiles and gurgling. Except...

Sometimes Davy gets a little worked up when I enter the room - it usually has to do with her being hungry. Today I came home from the grocery store to find D and Russ sitting in the sofa chair, snuggled together, watching a movie. Before she caught wind of me, she was contentedly sucking on a pacifier and close to falling asleep. However, once she saw me she sat up! She started fussing loudly and staring pointedly at my chest. She then worked herself into a wail. It's like she has this crazy crush on me and life can be all good until I walk into the room. Then she just loses her cool and begins crying and grabbing for me.

This must be what the Jonas Brothers feel like.


dianeroutson said...

She loves her mommy. When Mommy comes home, Davy wants nothing to do with anyone else except Mom. This will change a bit as she gets older and "uses" Daddy to get what she wants.

I love the picture. This kid knows how to cry!

lindsay said...


way to go davy-- makin' daddy feel all special and important and stuff!