Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Breakin'

Davy got to hang out with the Meredith grandparents today and scored a Babies R Us trip along with a few other new things.

Lunch at Fernando's and first drink of water from a big cup. Mimi obliged when Davy showed interest. Grampa, however, tried to give her a sip of Dr. Pepper - NOT pediatrician approved. We were quick to chastise him.

She scored a baby jumper and got to try her hand at a sippy cup. Please check out the thighs - I'm afraid they will disappear as soon as she begins crawling.

It was a lovely day here in Dallas! I hope you are enjoying this weather as much as we did!


Mike and Jess said...

Her little baby thighs are adorable!

I remember giving my favorite baby neice a sip of my Coke once, getting chastised for it as well, but knowing that that's exactly what Aunts (and Grampas) are for :) Love to spoil those babies!!

She's precious, Becky. Such a sweet face!

The Mitchells said...

Dr. Pepper won't injure them...just makes them more Texan. Wait till she start signing or saying'll give up anything for it.