Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I realized yesterday that this is one of those weeks filled to the brim with the birthdays of some folks I just love to death! Ack! That's both a wonderful thing and a scary thing because it means I gotta get out of my little world and help them feel loved. (Deep breath)

Monday was Sutton's birthday. He is Russ' older brother. Wish you knew Sutton (if you don't). I ALWAYS have fun around Sutton, even if he's not having fun (wink: Dallas), because he is such a good-natured guy and takes endless teasing from us with a smile. He's also very good at dishing it out and gave me a hard time right away when I began dating Russ - something I appreciate in a future in-law! Sutton is one of those guys who is good at EVERYTHING. He would argue with me about this but Johnna knows what I'm talking about: farming, flying, hunting, cooking, eating :) So we are really looking forward to driving down to San Angelo next weekend to spend time with the other Pages.

Today is this kid's birthday. My favorite memory of Noelle (and trust me, there are tons to choose from) is that we were crying together while Andrea and Joe were driving away from their wedding ceremony back in 2004. In fact, Noelle and I both got into her Volvo and drove down Central Expressway, smoking our Parliament Lights and weeping loudly to "God Bless The Broken Road", bemoaning the fact that we were (painfully) single. Just how many times did we cry that night, Noey? (the last two cryfests were likely beer-induced, to be truthful.) Noelle played a huge role in Russ and I becoming a couple, namely that she was the glue that drew us together - I love you, Nizzo!

It is also my friend Jess' birthday today! We met at Kanakuk many moons ago and she is now living in Ft. Collins, CO. Go see what her husband did for her birthday. I'm brimming with jealousy.

And tomorrow is another important birthday.

The bootilicious lady on the left will be celebrating far, far away from here. Kates, I think this will be one of the few times I won't be in Chicago for your birthday. Wahhhhh! More to come on that one...

On Sunday, these two ladies will celebrate their birthdays. While I won't get a chance to see Ruthie, I'll be sure and force this one to spend time with me once she returns from all her suffering for Vail.

So friends, I hope you all feel loved this week. You are all a bunch of dearies to me and I lift my coffee cup to you today and all week long!


Katy said...

Um, I'm working MUCH harder than you to stick out my boo-tay. But we both know that if we were in a contest for the most bootilicious, I would win. Hands down.

Happy Birthday to all your lovely friends and family!

Beck said...

But Kates, look how hard my jeans are strained to try to stay strapped to my booty! They are almost in tears at the effort!

Mike and Jess said...

Thanks for the birthday shout out! Hope you're having a great week!