Wednesday, March 18, 2009

She'll Tumble for You

When Davy was just a little over two months old, I got a call from Rachael telling me about Ephraim's fall off his changing table. I was horrified. Much like Rachael's set-up, we have Davy's changing pad on top of an almost 4 foot high dresser. We also have wood floors throughout the house. So when I heard Ephraim tumbling onto the floor from that height, I had a weird premonition. And yesterday morning for some reason I thought about his fall once again because I remembered he was 7 months old when it happened - the same age as Davy.

Yesterday after taking a walk in this gorgeous weather, I wanted to give D a bath. On numerous occasions I have left her on her changing table while I ran the bathwater. Recently I have had to strap her onto it because she has become such a wiggle worm. At this point, you're surely thinking, "oh no, Becky. I can see what's coming." Really? Because I didn't truly see it. I ignored my random thought about Ephraim's fall that morning, I ignored a little voice in my head that said, "why don't you wait until Russ gets home to give her a bath - then you'll have some help."

I had just started the bath water when I heard the BANG!- the excruciatingly loud thump and then the wailing that followed.

There is something that happens for me in emergency situations. I think my heartrate slows down and I have a weird calm. I couldn't even see Davy on the floor as the changing pad was strapped to her. I immediately scooped up her little naked body and did a very quick survey to make sure there was no blood. Then I just held her to me while she screamed. She was shaking and clinging to me. When I reached my precious mother in law, she immediately said, "I'm on my way!"

Davy is fine. She actually began grinning when her Gigi walked in the door. My sweet mother in law helped me to see that I had to listen to that little voice, the voice of the Spirit, when it is warning me. And Rachael called later and reminded me that this is merely the beginning of the falls, bumps, bruises, and scares. She's right. I can't fool-proof Davy's life. Sigh.

ps: Russ came home with 3 bottles of wine. That, my friends, is evidence that I married a good man. Momma needed a good cry, too.


Stacey said...

Oh, that is so scary! When Bennett was a baby he fell off the couch (before he could roll...or so I thought) onto our hardwoods when I left him to get my shoes.

I clearly remember that awful THUD. pause. WAIL.

Thankfully God made little ones with good, hard noggins. But it so gut wrenching to know you could have protected your baby from being hurt.

One lesson learned. Many more to come! Parenting is a never-ending adventure for sure.

The Mitchells said...

Ella has fallen off a bed...twice, with no protective reflexes...and didn't cry, which is almost scarier. Will has has a bloody mouth 3 times and crawled off our bed...silly boys.

It's heartbreaking when your child hurts and you feel at fault, but you are a great mommy...just buy a lot of band-aids...and wine.

Rachael said...

Damn that Russ is a great hubby! Did he remember to get any wine for himself? J/K! So glad she is okay and that you are too! Much love.

Mike and Jess said...

You did marry a FINE man to bring you wine after a hard afternoon! I'm sorry that happened, I'm sure it was awful!

lindsay said...

thanks, now I can't get "I'll tumble for ya, I'll tumble for ya..." out of my HEAD!!!

dianeroutson said...

Boy. Three bottles of wine. That Russ knew exactly what you needed, the cry included. I can see those crocodile tears on Davy's cheeks. Thankfully, she's fine. Like Aunt Gayle said, wait til she starts climbing trees.
Please give her a hug and kiss for me. I send you the same!