Monday, May 11, 2009

Lil' Video for Mommas

Mother's Day from Dexter Evans on Vimeo.

I hope it's okay that I'm putting this on here. My friend Alli helped create this video for her church's Mother's Day celebration and I think she did a pretty amazing job (she & Dexter)! You will see Miss Davy along with Andrea's Ella & Will. Also, the scene with multiple generations? Those are my friends, The Gaspards.



Kay said...

Wow! Needed it and loved it. thanks.

life with the wisners said...

i'm sorry...are you KIDDING ME?

that was beautiful. absolutely gorgeous.

first of all, your friend is so incredibly talented. raw talent. beauty. simple. pure.

second, i could eat your kid up with a spoon, she's so delicious.

and third...well, i'm a puddle of emotional mess right now.

thanks for sharing.

J. Page said...

Wow!! That was beautiful and left me in tears. I needed this today. Hope you don't mind but I am going to link this on my blog. We loved spending the weekend with ya'll. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your mother's day. Love ya!

Davidson's Diary said...

Wow what a great video!!! I loved it!!!

Joanne said...

So beautiful and emotional! I'm still crying here! I followed Johnna's link to your blog (thanks for letting her do that). I think I need to go call my Mom again! :)

Katy said...

Davy is movie-star adorable! I loved watching you two together. And it was fun seeing Andrea with her kids. Loved it!