Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stuck in my Tweens

I've fallen off the blogging wagon lately - sorry about that. It's due in part to a new obsession: The "Twilight" series books. Russ came home a month ago and said he had heard people buzzing about these vampire books, going so far as to say that they were the NEW Harry Potter. Well, that perked my ears up. Then I noticed that I didn't hear from Katy for an entire weekend. This is unusual because even though my phone skills have completely deteriorated, she usually calls once or twice a weekend to check in on me. The culprit? The Twilight books.

That sealed the deal. The monotony of being the mother to an infant can be maddening and I've used reading as a means to escape some of the boredom, especially when the weather is dreary. When I asked Katy if "Twilight" would be like Harry Potter she replied hesitantly, "Ummmm, not really."

"Will Russ like it?"
"Ummmm, maybe you should read it first and see."
"Is it magical? Will I feel similar to how I feel when I read the HP books?"
"Becky...I'll be's kind of a beach read. It's a romance book for teenagers."

Ohhhh, this explains why Katy was so out of pocket. (Nevertheless I was at the bookstore in about 30 minutes flat.) Twenty pages in I was chuckling out loud to Russ, "this is so me and Katy...teenage sexual tension."

My husband lovingly went to Target yesterday and surprised me with books 2 and 3 after I voraciously devoured book one on Sunday. I'm halfway through "New Moon" (see my new bookshelf to the right). I've had to make little deals with myself:
1. No Twilight reading until you've done your bible study.
2. No reading over the baby while nursing. You tend to not notice if she slides to the floor.
3. No reading those books till you're out of your pajamas. You are a cliche' waiting to happen.

Other than that, bring on the clouds and rain because I'll be curled up on the couch reading away! If your own life has been brought to a halt by these books, I'd love to hear from you! We can start a support group.


lindsay said...

Christal would be SO PROUD to know you have a Cormac McCarthy book on your shelf. He loves that dude.

Katy said...

I need serious therapy. Now I have a crush on Rob Pattison. He's only 22! I'm a cougar. A COOOOGAAAAAAR!

Anyway, I do have enough restraint to keep myself from driving to the mall for a meet and greet with all the teenagers. Only because the tickets are sold out! And really, what would I have to say to a celebrity? Uh, hi.

I really need to get a life - one not involving vampires and werewolves!

mel said...

i feel so much better about reading these now that I know you and katy read them!!! I felt lame about reading the same books my middle school students read, but i am over it :)