Monday, November 24, 2008

Remember Me?

I've been bad about blogging and this week probably won't be any better with the holiday. JUST SO YOU KNOW, ahem, my birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year so while you're gobbling down some turkey and yams, you can give me a SHOUT OUT...or just raise a little toast to me while you're tossing down the wine that will enable you to spend an extra hour with your extended family. (Mom, please don't drunk dial me, okay?)

BIG shout out to this lady who delivered the bundle of joy named Cohen Matthew on Thursday night. Look at that face. That is Chris Carreker right there, kids. Lins, it helps that y'all look alike but I have a feeling we are in the same boat with our children looking like little imprints of our husbands!

I feel like Cohen was surely prayed into existence after all that Lins and Chris have been through over the past year and a half. We have waited a long time to meet you, sweet boy. (See a much calmer, quieter Cohen on his mommy's blog)

We will be in Midland on Thursday, Ft. Worth on Friday, then back to Dallas on Saturday and possibly Frisco on Sunday. Everyone be careful on the roads and enjoy the $1.30 gas decrease from last year at this time! And to all my peeps running the Turkey Trot, I will miss you!


lindsay said...

thanks honey-- and happy birthday to us~!