Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween in Review: Part Duex

So, back to my history of Halloween costumes...
Betcha didn't know that when I was 5 years old and was posed that ever important question of "what do you want to be when you grow up?" that I answered, "a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader." I was one of those girls who was both tomboy and girly girl. I rocked the jeans and brown shoes and the cheerleader skirt. As you can see below, this Halloween was a good one in my estimation.
Halloween of '82 ("ECCHS" = "Elbert County Comprehensive High School")
My mother would tell you that as long as she put make-up on me, I was a happy girl. Make me up like a lady of the night and I'd smile for the camera!Halloween of '83
Which is why I must have been smiling above. Because what am I supposed to be here? A granny? A slutty granny? A pilgrim who will soon be burned at the stake for her lusty ways? I think I'm supposed to be a princess, that ever-elusive character of All Soul's Eve. The afghan cape (and turtleneck underneath) was once again my mother's way of ensuring that I would keep warm. And since it was pink and since it looks like Lawanda of Harry Hines Blvd. got ahold of my face, I'm smiling like the damn Cheshire cat.

p.s: Please note that my brother looks pretty good in these costumes, cowboy and ghost, respectively...but just you wait. He, too, shall suffer under the curse of Halloween...


JNSW said...

Beck -

For 2 nights now, I have meant to go through all my old kid pictures so I can copy you. I love seeing your old Halloween pictures. It's SO much fun! Also it caused my mom and I to fight. She never took one single picture of me in a costume. One year I remember her coming home from work and taking the sheet off my bed and cutting two eyeholes and armholes in it and sending me out as a ghost. I came home with the worst rat's nest of hair that night and it took a jar of mayonnaise to get them all out. So I told her she was a bad mother.

But - really - this is so much fun. Your little brother looks like a cute cowboy. I especially like his hat.

lindsay said...

Becks- every truly good princess wears a shawl and some practical black flats!

Maybe you were "Pretty Pretty Nightgown Princess"

Kay said...

My sister Gayle has described these Halloween blogs as "pee your pants funny". I agree and I am the one being lampooned!