Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween in Review: Part Tres

Yesterday's post contained a photo of me with a relatively nice Halloween costume and today's post will be similar...How lovely! A ballerina! It's almost as if we've finally gotten over the hump that was the costume curse!

Upon further inspection, I notice that this ballerina costume was actually on loan to me from the Elberton Children's Theatre. (Wait, you didn't know that I was a CHILD ACTRESS?! Why yes, I community theatre...with mostly bit parts...but I digress.) So, Mom gets a mulligan on this year's (1984) October 31st. You will of course notice the intense rouge with what seems to be an excess of freckles. Mom must have wanted to switch things up, hoping that she could keep me looking moderately innocent whilst satisfying my deep need to have "hooker face."

Uh-oh. What do we have here? (sharp intake a breath) Um, it seems my Mom suffered a relapse. I'm seeing a resurgence of the plastic costume. It appears that a last minute trip to Sky City occurred yet again and this time it was my brother who fell prey. (Note: after multiple searches on Google and Wikipedia I was unable to find the actual name for that bear character that appeared on Battlestar Galactica 1980. If any of you remember the name, for the love of all that's good and holy, leave it in the comments.) I think both Josh and I had crushes on Starbuck that year. But at least I didn't get sucked into wearing a cheap, store bought version of a costume...

No... no it appears mine is surely homemade. Um, I see a cloak, of sorts. And, and a pinwheel? (Of course there's a damn turtleneck because evidently it wouldn't be Halloween if I weren't dressed for Fargo, ND.) And the curse of the shoes that ruin the costume is still in effect. Those are some dirty tennis shoes on that fairy (?) there. I do think I was a fairy - even though THIS comes to mind:
Well, kids...that ends my rants on dressing up for Halloween. I must say it again: I love my Mom. She has given me permission not to feel the pressure of being supermom, and that's a nice gift. After all, whatever outfit my daughter wears this year will end up covered in vomit and smelling like sour milk.

Hope you all are ready for tomorrow! How fun that it's finally on a Friday!

And love you, Mom!


johnnapage said...

Great posts! I am so impressed that your Mom took pictures of all of your costumes and that you were able to locate the pictures...That is a "Supermom" if you ask me. I only have a few pictures of us dressed up for Halloween. Hope ya'll have a fun day. Looking forward to seeing cute Davy dressed up.

Josh said...

I remember shopping for that costume at sky city. I think it cost 1.75$ along with the slew of other tv series and movie plastic costumes. I also remember the twiggy little rubber string breaking at the end of the night shattering my childhood dreams of being Muffit from BattleStar Galactica. (btw Becky i *had* to do the digging on this one and found the true name No costume is as convincing when the name of the show is advertised right on the shirt rather then actually trying to duplicate the character's actual torso. And yes Becky couldn't go without kicking and screaming about her fairy fopa tennis shoes. I mean what would the neighbors think??