Thursday, January 22, 2009

Here's hopin' for one of those bath pics in the future!

I think Texas might be the only state enjoying 80 degree weather today (minus Hawaii) and we had to get ourselves out in it. To be fair, I typically hate living where you find 80 degree weather in January - I much more prefer to actually HAVE seasons. But it was downright lovely today so we went to Lakeside park to meet up with Cohen Carreker. Big C had just gotten his first shots and needed some female attention to distract him. By the way, little boy's hands are bigger than girlfriend's. Lindsay's got herself a total BOY!


lindsay said...

Dude's hands are bigger and probably WAY dirtier. How? How does a 2 month old get dirty fingernails? He burps and farts too... but I LOVE HIM

Davy- don't get any cuter or I fear ALL the other boys will want to steal you!