Thursday, January 15, 2009


A baby who typically is never fussy suddenly cries inconsolably and in pain for over an hour leading her mother to take her to the doctor around 1:45pm. This baby has never been to the doctor for anything but a check-up in her 5 months of life. The doctor finds nothing wrong with said baby and mother and child are free to go.

En route home, around 3pm, this same mother and child are sideswiped by a teenage girl who also begins to cry inconsolably. The teenager's car is marred only by scuff marks and a lost license plate on the front end. The fussy baby fusses even more due to the absence of pacifier and, thankfully, not to any physical trauma. Her mother's car, however, suffers greater peril.

That same car has been paid off...for two weeks.

Whattya gonna do? That car is Your car, Lord.


life with the wisners said...

i'm banging my head on my keyboard right now.

in pure frustration.

and it's not even MY car.

so sorry, friend.

lindsay said...


J. Page said...

Oh, no! Thinking of you and Davy and so thankful you are okay.

Rachael said...

i was thinking of you all day today and almost called on my way to my hair appointment. I am so glad that you are both okay. I hope that you are not too traumatized. I am soooo glad that you and Davy are ok. So sorry about the car, but that is why they invented insurance, I guess. Just so, so glad you are both alright! Love you.

JNSW said...

I'm glad you guys are okay. This was one of those days when you're grateful to crawl under the covers that night and say - I'm done witcha! Hang in there.