Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mmm Mmm Good!

So some of you (Aunt Diane) have noticed the lack of Davy photos for the past few weeks. She is just Jim Dandy, however. She's babbling up a storm (I'll post a video soon) and has become a very happy, fun little baby. I love walking into her room when she's woken up and seeing her beam at me from her crib.

We started rice cereal and though she can't keep much of it down, it's fun watching her open her mouth with the vigor and excitement of a sorority pledge downing a shot.

p.s: Yes, it's a blue Bumbo seat and a blue bib. Trust me, sister ain't hurting for pink in her life.


life with the wisners said...

i'll have one of each of her legs, please.

to go.

my heavens. those legs are edible. yummy.

Johnna Page said...

Too cute! We are missing sweet Davy so thanks for sharing.

Kay said...

Love the photos. Davy needs blue. It matches those blue eyes.

lindsay said...

never woulda thought those little elfkin legs would turn out so chunky! LOVE IT!!!

JNSW said...

What a sweet girl!!!