Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Music for the Moment

Last year over the Fourth of July we sat atop the Carreker lake house watching the fireworks and playing a game called "what outfit, what food, and what song for the moment". This is game that I think I invented. I say I think because surely other people have these thoughts! It goes something like this: If you were in Edinburgh, Scotland at a little pub near the High Street, what outfit would you be wearing, what food would you be eating and what song would be playing?



(haggis & Guinness)


The Smiths' "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out" (covered by Joseph Arthur)

I was thinking that every once in awhile I'd ask you guys about what kind of music you'd listen to in certain moments. I think it's the easiest of the questions for those of us who adore music. So here's my question:

Let's say it's a blustery post-New Year's evening. You are home with a fire in the fireplace in your favorite spot in the house, enjoying a glass/mug of wine/coffee/favorite tea/insert your relaxing drink here and pondering life. What song are you listening to?

Please de-lurk in the comments below.


Rachael said...

This is so hard, if I only had time to adequately prepare ... so off the top of my head on an evening such as the one you described I think I would be listening to Brandi Carlisle.

But that is just an of the cuff response. I will think more on it and respond later.

Kristie said...

I don't think I can pick a specific song, but it would probably a Selah playlist on my iPod. Love me some Selah. :)

I de-lurked!