Monday, January 12, 2009

The Road Goes Ever On and On...

I changed my blog layout. If you don't get it then I question our friendship. I mean, do you even know me at all?

Over the Christmas holiday I spent an evening with Russ, my mom, a good family friend and a bottle of red zin playing this. Did I mention there are 1200 questions?

My dog is named Fatty Lumpkin. Comment if you know the origin of that name (not you, Mom or Katy).

Certain parts of my house are decorated with Bag End in mind. I blame it mostly on Russ.

Russ and I toyed with buying ourselves pipes for a season. We satisfy the desire by asking, "they come in Pints?" whenever drinking a beer. That's how we roll.

Don't mock my layout. Just embrace me for the complete dork that I am.


dianeroutson said...

I love your blog. I, too, know the origin of Fatty's name.

Rachael said...

I so almost commented on the layout when reading your blog last night. Love me some Shire. Love me some Becky Page too! I have long loved the dork in both of us!