Monday, January 5, 2009

Saddened for the Travolta Family

As I pulled Davy into bed with me this morning to watch the first few minutes of the Today show, I was heartbroken to see the news that John Travolta's son Jett died this weekend after suffering a fall during a seizure.

I know there's a lot of hub-bub surrounding the issue of whether or not Jett displayed signs of Autism, and know, sadly, that Scientologists regard this disorder as psychosomatic -they believe that all mental illness must be treated by spiritual healing as the individual is considered "debased." There are reports that the Travoltas refused to seek help for their son. I find this so sad. I think one of the most frustrating tenets of Scientology is the legalism of it mixed with the notion that a person can reach god-like status and "heal themselves." And as a mental health professional, it's heart-breaking to see folks suffer under the shame and isolation of a treatable condition.

But all of my feelings about that false religion aside, as a parent I feel so much sorrow for the family. I'm praying that God will be close to them, wooing them through tragedy and revealing Himself to them in the obscurity of this dark night.