Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Wrong Side of the Bed

I think I have started at least 6 different posts this week, all to no avail. This is due in part to the fact that every time I sit down to write, Davy either started fussing or I was simply too brain dead to get my thoughts down. Davy has been sick all week with a bad cold and I've gone from having a cute, chubby baby to one of those snot nosed kids that you hold at arms length for fear of them smearing you with their germ warfare.

I think I'll just barf all my random thoughts out now:

We had an ice storm in North Texas and I can never get over how the news stations go buckwild over the school closings and traffic situations. They will override all the major news shows and even the soap operas that don't come on until later in the morning because OH DEAR GOD THE STREETS ARE SLIPPERY and IT'S ALMOST CLOSE TO FREEZING WE'RE AT 34 DEGREES NOW! The newscasters whip the whole city into a frenzy. It's truly hilarious if you have any understanding of how the northern states work during freezes...which is to say, like clockwork.

So...I kind of feel like I'm back in the 2nd grade and Jessica Wakefield is having a slumber party and everyone's totally excited and did I hear that her mom is gonna let them watch "Gremlins"? but...I didn't get invited. Every time I turn on the news the Obama fever is palpable, the whole world seems to feel as if the greatest party ever is about to be thrown. I get jazzed, too! It's wonderful, all this change. Except for certain things.
I'm looking forward to some changes the President is making but I am very, very leary of the celebrity status that he is gaining. I do not blame this entirely on him. But I think we should all watch our government very closely, praising the good and actively fighting the bad. And Obama's moves on abortion are gonna get really bad. If you care about this like I do, we need to stay alert.

On a lighter note, last night while I was watching Family Guy, I laughed myself to tears when they spoofed Rocky Dennis, God rest his soul. I love the movie "Mask" and once when Katy and I were in the check out line at Target, we saw a People magazine that had a story about Rocky Dennis, except there were no photos of the real Rocky Dennis. Only Eric Stolz' character. When I complained, "maaaaaaan, I wanted to see a real picture of Rocky," Katy gave me a sympathetic smile. "I know you did," she said softly. She knows my deep desire to see pictures of things that are disturbing. Since I can't find that Family Guy clip online, I'll post another politically incorrect clip instead:

Forgive me, Rocky & Helen Keller.


Davidson's Diary said...

Hearin ya on the cold!! C has been sick since Monday!