Friday, April 24, 2009

Little Ella Girl

One of my besties, Andrea, is needing your prayers for her daughter, Ella. Most of you who read my blog will know immediately who Andrea & Ella are but just in case you don't, please go to Andrea's blog to read about her little girl:

The Mitchells Blog

When Ella was born she suffered from seizures that hurt her brain...which led to a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. (that's my very non-medical explanation) She has been such a light and a joy to her family and so many others. But this morning Andrea's babysitter/caretaker discovered Ella in her bed, seizing. They called 911 and EMTs rushed her to the hospital. This is the same hospital that Ella was born in, the same one that she first went into seizures just after her birth. It's where she spent weeks before being released to come home with her Mom and Dad. As you can imagine, just being there brings about hard memories for Andrea and Joe, her Daddy.

The timing, as if it could be anything else, is terrible. Ella is weeks from her 3rd birthday. She has been accepted into a program that uses a special kind of therapy/education to work with children with disabilities. You can read here how Andrea was processing through Ella's comprehension issues. I know she is really scared about how the seizures this morning have effected Ella's brain now.

Please pray with me: I'm asking the Lord to supernaturally protect and heal Ella's brain. I'm praying for Joe and Andrea, that they would take comfort in the only One Who has the power to heal and Who understands Ella's condition better than anyone. Pray for renewed strength, as both of them are worn out emotionally and physically. Pray for optimism from the doctors and wisdom as they look at the CT scans and possible EEGs. And I know that my friends desire above all things to be a light to others, to allow their struggles to shine light on Jesus and His goodness.

Thank you, friends. If anything, it is such a comfort to know that you will read and pray - even for people you've never met.


J. Page said...

Praying with you for sweet Ella and the Mitchells...

Kay said...

Been praying for Ella all day. Father, have mercy please. Good to know He loves her the most.

The Mitchells said...

Love you Becks...more than I'll be able to explain, this side of heaven.

Kristie said...

Thanks for posting Becky. And thanks for being such a faithful friend to Andrea.