Thursday, April 30, 2009

Things I Swear By: Tanning Lotion - ADDENDUM

Wow. The response to the post on tanning lotion has surprised me just a bit. I'm still getting texts and emails about it today. Ladies, you are some tannin' fools...and I love ya for it.

To all of you who went right out, bought the lotion, and immediately bathed in it, then let me apologize for not giving a proper tutorial. I didn't realize how many of you were that anxious to turn your pale, wintry skin into lovely, bronze skin...I am now drunk with power knowing that if I suggest rubbing yourself with squirrel feces to rid yourself of cellulite, some of you will immediately run out your backdoors with your bebe guns.

First of all, I'm sorry to those of you whose husbands mocked you, whether for your scent or for the tinges of orange you received.

Second, I should have warned you more clearly: USE SPARINGLY until you see how it looks on you. This lotion is meant to intensify after 3 days. Give it time! Also, because you cannot see the immediate results, make sure you rub it in evenly.

Oh and p.s.: I learned the hard way that if you use this on your feet and you have either pale or no nail polish on, you will turn your toenails a shade of brown. And you will be stuck at a luxury resort looking like white trash, right Katy?


Kathie said...

Beckles - this is KatyO's co-worker. I thought you were very clear on your entry. I must try it! Also, please let me know where I can buy the squirrel feces. I am in desperate need!

Dwelling said...

Thanks Becky....I really do appreciate any/every tip in the beauty department. I think I need to bring my "low maintenance to the extreme" look up a few notches. I let you know if I try it. Hope you are having a great week!