Thursday, April 2, 2009

Prayers Needed

Everyday I read the blogs of a set of twin sisters: Darby and Erika. I've never met them but we have several mutual friends who attended Auburn with them both. These girls are both talented in their own rights, one a mommy and the other an interior designer & soon to be mommy. Today Erika's husband Chance has suffered a fall that's left him with bleeding on the brain. You can read an update on Darby's blog (see above) but either way, say a prayer for Chance right now. After the sad incident with Natasha Richardson, I know a brain injury is terribly scary for them.


Dwelling said...

Thanks for the post. I too read their sweet blogs (some of my faves for sure) and was so saddened to hear that news today. I am realizing now living in Nashville that Auburn makes for a small world. I will continue to pray for them and cannot imagine how hard this must be for Erika and family. Thanks for blogging.