Sunday, April 26, 2009

This One's For You, Michael Paul

My husband and his brother have an uncanny talent of meeting someone and immediately ascribing a celebrity look-alike to them. For example, when Russ and I first began dating, Michael shared with me that I looked like the character Stands With a Fist from the movie "Dances With Wolves."

I tried not to hate Michael in that moment.

So I guess Mary McDonnell, aka Stands With a Fist, is my celebrity look-alike, or as I like to call her, "Ugly Becky." (no offense to Mary McDonnell but she looks pretty haggard in that movie and I choose not to believe that I resemble a 52 year old, talented actress)

This morning I saw a D-list celebrity on tv and told Russ, that girl looks like an ugly (name of a friend we have). Then I asked him if he could think of an Ugly Russ. Here's who he came up with:

Listen, my husband is MUCH more handsome than Mark Chesnutt, the country singer. But I love that he had this guy in mind when I asked him the question!

So, I'll ask you: is there a celebrity that might be an ugly version of you? (Again, let's just assume that we all have great self-esteem and we mean no offense to any celebrities!)

In closing, we have never been able to watch Lost without calling Hurley the "fat Michael Page." So Michael, I'll answer the above question for you here:

Just so you don't think I'm needlessly cruel - here's a photo from our wedding of the two boys...see? They're very handsome.


The Mitchells said...

you know I'm going to ask who you think my "ugly version" is!

Aleks "OLA" Stewart said...

One of my favorite blog posts ever! Whose mine?!?!

Kay said...

You absolutely pegged Michael. Michael, watch your weight since you know now how you will look with an abundance of it.
Josh Meredith's look alike is a guy who does home improvement shows. Being in my sixties, I of course forget the guy's name.
Al Meredith looks like Steve Martin.
I, of course, have always favored Raquel Welch;)

Mike and Jess said...

This makes me laugh so hard!! I loved Dances With Wolves and even Stands with a Fist - but never would have thought to compare her to you in any way!! Hilarious.

Alli Aars said...

Ok, now I want to know mine.

Beck said...

Aleks, I'm just stunned that you finally commented! :)

Now listen, everyone: I'm not mean enough to pick out an ugly version of have to do it for yourself. Unless you have a mean brother in-law with a lack of discretion.

Rachael said...

Mine is Rachael Ray, she is not "ugly", but I still don't want to look like her. Also, Kally Arrington told me that I look like Francis McDormand from Fargo when we were in college. Ouch, I will never forget that one.

"Ugly" Michael is Stev-O from Jackass or John Cintna from MMA.

I have always been reminded of you by Meredith Vierra from The Today Show. Anyone else ever said that?

And your brother in law is so Hurley!

I loved this post because everyone I know has to look like someone famous or an animal.

Katy said...

I often get Charlotte from Sex and the City. She's definitely not an ugly version of me.

dianeroutson said...

Okay, I can see you "Stands with a Fist" meaning having your fist up, but other than that, I see no similarity -- especially the hair!
And your Mom favoring Raquel Welch, well, that's just silly and she did admit to being old.

This is a funny post, Bec. I like it!

Shauna said...

Funny that you were talking about this...I sometimes do the same thing and people think I am crazy. We had a student at school last year that looked just like Hurley. I get told I look like Annette Funachelo and Sally Field or Delta Burk. I am sure I didn't spell those correct.
I sometimes identify people with I know that sounds crazy.

Taylor said...

I think Russ looks like Jeff Gordon (the racecar driver) and/or Liev Schrieber (Naomi Watts' husband). One time Alex and I saw an ad on a kiosk in Uptown with Liev and I really thought it was Russ! It was dark.