Thursday, April 2, 2009


Over the past two days I have worn the same exact outfit. The only thing that has changed has been the t-shirt and socks. At the pediatrician's office the sweet nurse asked, "Oh, you look comfy - did you just come from working out?" Ummm, not really.

REI fleece vest - because it's been a little chilly this week - low 60s to 70s.

Russ has noted that these Adidas running tights have become my wardrobe staple when I'm not working. Um, Russ? Just be glad it's not a bathrobe.
Mmmm, Asics Kayanos. I could wear you everyday.

People, I sure hope you don't buy running shoes for how they look or for what's discounted. If you take your feet seriously (and your back and your knees) then you need to buy running shoes from a store that will fit you according to your gait and stability. Might I suggest Run On?

I will finally return to coaching a running class in two weeks. I really cannot believe how badly I've missed running - and running with others. I'll keep you posted on how running affects our new eating habits...we'll see if I lose weight more quickly.

5:30am is gonna feel really early now that Lil' Bit has been sleeping through the night for 2 months.


lindsay said...

heeeeeyyyy are you trying to copy me???

dianeroutson said...

I envy you your comfy outfit.
I envy you your love of running. Glad you'll be teaching a class again. Hugs!

The Mitchells said...

1) you can pull off wearing anything
2) I wish I could wear those pants, but I would be fined and show up in the Don't section of Glamour
3) In need of running shoes...wanna help?
4) I admire you going back to teach running...wanna teach me how to get off the couch?
5) ahhh, the eating regimine...I see Dr. Brown for my follow up tomorrow...are chocolate chips on there that you remember?