Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tales From the Crib

When Davy was born our friends Kent & Emily were dog-sitting Fatty and at some point during that first night in the hospital I received a photo of Fatty on my phone with the word, "sister?"

He's been so good. She has a wicked addiction to grabbing his ears. You can see she's mid-grab. We try to praise him when he lets her pull them.

I'm guessing they taste like butter - sweet, furry, velvety butter.

Getting even.

In more homefront news, D began crawling today. My life just suddenly got a little crazier.


The Mitchells said...

I love how good Fatty is with Davy...and how good she is with him. However, the crawling video was my favorite by FAR!! YEAH DAVY!!

lindsay said...


How hard were you crying on the other side of that video camera. I will lose it... absolutely lose it!

life with the wisners said...

i love this. all of it. i love that sweet D is crawling. yes, your life will change immediately. immediately.

and her relationship with fatty. well, oh my. darling. those two are going to go places.

dianeroutson said...

I love all these pictures! Davy and Fatty are terrific together. I never doubted that for an instant. And her crawling -- hold on, Mama, she's on her way!!

Kristie said...

She might just be the prettiest baby I've ever seen. Shh...don't tell Andrea I said that. :)