Sunday, October 5, 2008

Does Anyone Else Get the Sunday Blues?

Ever since I was a kid I get sort of down on Sundays. So I'm gonna recap the weekend just to get my mind off of the fact that tomorrow begins the whole cycle again..

On Friday we stopped at Centennial on our way to the Aars' for dinner and I saw this guy waiting for his dad. I rolled the window down and called, "hey buddy!" He didn't move. So I whistled at him. Not a blink. His whole body was trained on the door - and when his owner walked out he nearly shook the car wriggling with delight. This is why I love dogs.

We had great conversation, tasty food and too many walks down memory lane at the Aars'. Michael Page was in town and Noelle, looking completely gorgeous (Noelle, you could totally pull off the new Ellen Barkin 'do) came over as well.

Michael and Alli have the best outdoor courtyard complete with a fire pit, mesquite wood (or was it pinion?), Adirondack chairs and tasty cocktails. If you've never had a "white drink" made by Michael, ask him for it. (But avoid his wine-a-ritas after a pool party.)

By the way, Davy slept in her car seat the entire time. I woke her once to give her a bottle and then it was lights out again. Ahhhh...I almost felt guilty.

The cigars were left over from Davy's birth. (Please note that Alli, Noelle and I did not partake.) I always think cigars and outdoor fires smell heavenly...until I smell my hair the morning after.

Noelle & I.

On Saturday we went over to the Gillhams to watch Tech demolish Kansas State.

We wanted to get a photo of the girls together. Caroline started walking this week so there was quite a bit of each one of us trying to coax her over to us. Putting Davy right next to her made me realize how quickly this year has flown by. I remember when C. was this size and suddenly she's turning one. Crazy.

It's the one thing I hear over and over again from every mother: enjoy this time - it goes way too fast. I have found myself teary-eyed over how quickly Davy's newborn face is changing.

Uncle Russ with Caroline. (Colby, never far from the action, in the corner.) I'm looking forward to seeing how the two girl cousins favor each other!


lindsay said...

Geez- Chris gets it EVERY sunday!

Noelle said...
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Noelle said...

Oh Beck - Its good you left when you did. The conversation turned south like it was a Sunday afternoon at Garden Cafe. Let's just say the the oh-so-creative uncle of your child came up with some very "unique" Halloween costume ideas for me...Um, yeah. Enough said.

PS. Had the best time with y'all!! A perfect Friday night.

johnnapage said...

Looks like a very fun weekend. Wish we could have been there, but we are looking forward to our visit next weekend. Thanks for helping to make our anniversary trip so special. We had a great time!