Thursday, October 9, 2008


So yesterday afternoon I was in the shower and I found myself doing my usual shower routine. Not so much lather, rinse, repeat but more along the lines of fervently praying. I stopped in the middle of my prayers and realized that my time in the shower has been my place of prayer for at least the past year. I know it sounds crazy but it is around 10 minutes of truly alone time. It's quiet (without being too quiet). And something about the "ritual" of showering - you know, how you don't even consciously think about all the "tasks" you're performing - makes it easy for me to pray. My mind and heart just immediately jumps to it once I start the water running.

There are definitely other times during the day that I pray, one being when I'm up feeding D. at night. But I've sort of reserved that time to pray specifically for friends who are trying to get pregnant. I often say quick prayers at the computer when I get emails from our church's prayer website. There was a time in life when I prayed in my car an awful lot. But that was when I lived in Denton and worked in Highland Park. Those prayers were sometimes strewn with the cursings of road rage or the temptation to quit praying and tune back into Kidd Kraddick.

So I was just wondering, if you feel like it, where do you find yourself praying?


Kay said...

My chief prayer time is that 30 minute commute to Weatherford. Yes, sometimes it is difficult due to traffic but it allows my mind to talk with the Lord, especially about my family.

Katy said...

Occasionally at my desk, but it's not totally focused. Recently it's been laying face first on the floor. That's helped me focus and realize my need for God. But I'm afraid I'll fall asleep one day.

johnnapage said...

Most days I have an hour and half drive to my first call...That is when I typically pray (Not the whole hour and a half- I wish I could be that focused...) Sutton does the same thing. He says he always prays first thing when he gets in the pickup before he turns on the radio. I am really enjoying your blog. Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

Rachael said...

I also found the shower to be a bit of a sactuary, Prayer time was spent there, but also a lot of decompressing. I think in the course of a day it was also the only thing I really got to do for myself in the course of a day. Sometimes I was tempted to take more than one a day!