Monday, October 20, 2008

In a Flash...

So I was watching "Life in the Fab Lane" (problem #1), a show I never watch but I was cleaning out my closet and...oh, get over it...I was desperate for entertainment. Kimora Lee Simmons is not someone I would typically be drawn to - I had her chalked up as that model who married that rapper; the cliche', you know? But I get this! Bless her heart, she's all upset because her little 8 year old daughter is old enough to get her hair blown out and she's hit with that constant reminder that mothers have:

Over and over again, by every mother I've ever talked with, I continue to hear the phrase, "enjoy it - it's goes by so quickly."

Last week I found this on my camera and it made me cry.

She's already cooing! In fact, this video is old - she now has added quite a few other phrases to her vocabulary! Oh my gosh. My heart hurts watching this. Her little newborn face is all gone.

I'm going to be a blubbering mess at prom, y'all.


Kay said...

I love this! I wonder why?

The Mitchells said...

I must be a horrible mom...I'm always looking for the next stage. I think I need to explore those feelings and get back to you.

Katy said...

Confession - I've watched this show...and enjoyed it!

As mom says, "Where you are, be there!" Live in the moment. Davy will grow fast but it keeps getting more and more exciting!