Thursday, October 2, 2008


This morning Fatty wasn't in his usual spot, which is to say he was not laying directly under or on my feet. He has a knack of being exactly where I need to step. I walked through the house and found him lying right near D's swing. This is an improvement from lying directly under the swing, thus hindering it from moving at all. Way to go, Buddy.
All ready for a walk. The burp towel is a recent addiction to her seat. She's been channeling Linda Blair for the past few days. (By the way, Target sells a great 12 pack of thick cloth diapers that are organic if any of you are having the same spit-up issues.)

Every Thursday morning I go for a walk with Malen and her daughter Campbell. For years, pre-babies, we would meet at Starbucks and get an hours worth of deep talking done. Once Campbell was born Malen was still able to get out of the house & meet me at Javalatto by 7am. I am not that industrious so now I make Malen walk with me and the 10am. Needless to say we still get our talking in, it's just smattered with interruptions of putting the paci back in or picking up the blanket from off the road. You know, the usual.