Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Popular Kid

It had been 2 and a half weeks since my parents had seen Davy - gasp! That's a lifetime for a Grandma, you know. So I trucked over to Ft. Worth on Monday afternoon to see Mom and Dad. I'm telling you, it's one of my most favorite things to watch all the grandparents love on D.
Not too long after I took this photo, my Dad pulled into the garage and Mom whispered to D., "my competition has arrived!" After dinner we decided to give her a bath and did so in the bathroom in front of a mirror. Davy put on her best Russell Page impersonation face as she checked herself out for the first time.

We were laughing the entire time. Who knew that giving a baby a bath could entertain 3 adults for an evening? What can I say? We're easily pleased.
This morning the Orender women came over for a visit. The only thing missing was Katy. If anyone needs the backstory here - I lived with the Orenders in 2000 when I first went on staff with K-life...and twas a glorious year of Katy and I constantly hanging out with her parents until her dad (Mr. Bill) would throw a few twenties at us and say, "why don't you girls get out of here and go do something fun...and you can take the Porsche!" It's sad when even your parents can tell you don't have a life. Anyway, that was also the year I fell in love with Corgis, namely the Orender corgi named Woofie (God rest his soul). So on the way over this morning, Alicia and Erin told me that Carol kept saying, "we get to see Fatty!" (one of the many reasons I love Carol!)

Carol would also want me to point out here that she was coming over mainly for Davy and did hold her for a long time - I just missed that photo opt. Archer got a little anxious about his mom holding D. for so long...course it might have also been the fact that Fatty kept confusing his face for a lollipop. However, Alicia didn't mind being licked to death.


johnnapage said...

So cute! I am jealous... I can't wait to get my own Davy fix.

Katy said...

I love it. And of course I was jealous all day long that you girls got to spend a couple of hours together.

Oh Woofie (aka. Francis the prom queen).

Davy is so big and chubby! I know you're proud :)

The Mitchells said...

Okay. I'm getting dressed up, putting make-up on, and maybe even doing my hair and coming over for my Davy photo shoot...are you kidding me?!? It looked like a great time for you girls to play and talk babies.