Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

All I can say is thank God for the iPhone. Without it, there might be virtually no photos of this time in our lives. Much like my mother, I have the best intentions when it comes to things like chronicling our lives with photos in a creative way but when I'm in the midst of a special moment, my camera is nowhere near me. (note: we shall see if I am like my mother when it comes to Halloween costumes for my kids - but that's an entirely different post.) Anyway, I present one of maybe 2 pictures of me with my daughter:

Nice trash can, huh? Well, we're at the doctor's office preparing to get vaccinated. See how alert and sweet she looks? She was all smiles, was kicking away on the table, completely oblivious to what was coming. It broke my heart.
You can't see but those are REAL TEARS in her eyes. Not the crocodile infant tears they cry for the first few months but real drops coming out. The nurse had left us but suddenly came back in the room only to catch me snapping a shot of D. weeping. I'm sure she thought it was the height of cruelty but I'm just trying to capture all the important moments!
Ahhh, so like I was saying last week - one of my favorite things about this weather is that it inspires my husband to cook, especially to grill. These are the green chilis stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon that he made along with steak, new potatoes, and mushrooms sauteed with onions and garlic.
As you can see, I'm not very good at "tablescapes." And yes, we are that type of family that typically uses paper towels for napkins. People, I can only work on one thing at a time! And right now that's taking pictures with my iPhone! But it was a lovely night sitting outside with Russ, music playing from the kitchen, the sound of Highland Park football being played from a distance, the wind sort of dancing around the backyard. It was romantic right up until we spotted some rats running along our neighbors' fence. Big sigh. Texas Tech football at the Gillhams - you can tell it was a nail-biter by the intensity of both their faces! I think Russ and I watched college football from 10am to 10pm. Congrats to all Oklahoma State fans! (I purposely will not congratulate those from another Texas school...I have too much Red & Black loyalty to do so.) This is going to be an amazing season for the Big 12.
Everyone was tuckered out after all that cheering.


Kay said...

I shall say nothing about the Halloween costume comment, knowing how statements like that come back to bite us in the bootie at a later time. However, as I told Becky on the phone, Russ is my hero in the kitchen!

Davidson's Diary said...

You are putting my work to shame! I love your blog! Great picture with you and baby!

Katy said...

First of all...YUM! I want Russ to cook for me.

Secondly, "The Thing" definitely needs to make an appearance!

The Mitchells said...

note: Fatty is always tuckered out.