Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hazel Emerson

Congrats, Matt & Gin.
I don't know if she'll be Hazel or Emerson yet but I love that name. Hazel was my grandmother's name. (We called her Bumba...which just didn't go with "Page.")

Perhaps some day Davy will chill with Miss Mooney...and possibly with Piper (Canatsey) Wilmot...and Caleb (Koch) Raymond...and Nash Wasemiller...and Ephraim (Line) Neagle...and Bradyn (Fouser) Emerson...or any other Kamp staff babies born this year.* Seriously, what were we all drinking? (water, people, water...after all, that's a K-rated reference.)

*Andrea, don't get fired up. D. is already friends with Will...and Ginger Wells for that matter. There's probably a bunch of other babies I left off. Kamp people love the sex.

Anyway, yea for Hazel Emerson! Welcome to the World, baby girl!


The Mitchells said...

HA!! I laughed out loud because I was totally thinking you left us out...ha, honesty among friends.

I hope Hazel and Will get to meet some day too.

The Mooney's are going to have to come to Dallas for a Kamp reunion...we already missed the last one.