Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We Seem To Be In Reverse

Here you see a telltale tear in the eye of my little one. She has wriggled free from her "burrito" swaddle and the pacifier has fallen into No Man's Land. However, she's mildly content because she is in her swing. Chelsea and Casey loaned us their swing and little did I know it would be such a lifesaver. Every morning after the first feeding, Davy goes into her swing which faces a front window. This gives me plenty of time to eat breakfast, have some coffee and even some quiet moments to read. Sometimes I feel guilty because she won't even wake up for her next feeding. I have a fleeting thought: "I could probably leave her in the swing at night to get her to go the entire night!"

She's two months old on Saturday. We've been using Babywise techniques since the first week and I had high hopes of getting her to sleep through the night by week 5. (Have I mentioned how egotistical I have been as a new mom? No? Probably because it's been painful to have God daily remind me, "Um, Beck, I think your control issues are sneaking in again...") I'd hear of babies who wouldn't go through the night for months and months and pridefully thought, "Not my baby." Certain friends shared that their babies were sleeping through the night by 5 weeks. BIG SIGH. I had one night where she slept for 6.5 hours (at 4 weeks) and I figured we were good to go. However, D. has gone from only waking once around 3am and sleeping until 7am to waking at 2am, then again at 5am. Last night she awoke at 1:30am, 4:15am, and 6am. Argh! Who put this baby into reverse gear? I'm blaming her dad...or the dog.

I gotta stop as this post is looking dangerously like mommy blogging.


johnnapage said...

What do you think about Babywise? I have several friends who swear by it.