Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hi, I'm Becky and I'm an MTvaholic

Two people (Russ would make 3 but I've yet to share about the blog - hold me accountable!) will read this heading and go, "um, ARE." But my mother and Katy have simply never understood my addiction for truly bad television. They cannot comprehend why on a sunny day I feel the temptation to sit indoors, air conditioning cranked high, and watch The Real World marathons for countless hours. Especially when I've seen every. single. one. about 3 times over. What can I say? Addiction is real, people.

Anyway, I am currently addicted to a horrible show on MTv called "The Island." Truly, I cannot explain just how extremely lowbrow and tawdry this show can be. MTv execs have the perfect recipe for bad tv and it looks something like this: isolate a cast of twenty-something "hotties" who have forgone the life pursuit of a real career and have slid by on their looks since freshman year...have them compete for a fair amount of money that might last them one year of living cheap in L.A. and paying their "agent" to book them for cable tv commercials...make each Challenge require them to wear bathing suits...pour alcohol over the entire sha-bang and VOILA!

I'd watch! (and I do...)

So anyway, having seen each and every one of these kids in other MTv shows, I feel as if I'm watching old friends...if by old I mean old enough to babysit...scratch that - old enough to work at Sonic. Yes, these folks are not known for their moral fiber but alas I do enjoy watching them compete, make out with each other, get loaded, and hurl curse words at the camera.

But there is one...oh good gravy...there is one guy who I really cannot stand. And it is this one guy who fits the bill of "People Who I Love to Hate on Tv." Many people have entered into this category for me (right, Katy?) and they are as follows: Carson Daily, Paris Hilton, Beyonce', (another post entirely) and many more. But this guy is so NOT famous and that's what drives me so insane with my disdain of him.

I present Kenny.

Kenny was never on a Real World or Road Rules show. He was part of a show that MTv tried called, "Fresh Meat" where they brought on new kids to compete with old cast members. He did well, if I recall, being paired with longtime favorite, Coral. However, Kenny now quite ubiquitously appears on these challenges as a self proclaimed badass. I find him almost intolerable. He is blatantly sexist, continuously demeaning the females on the show. He also enjoys openly mocking anyone who does not immediately cowtow to him. Kenny recently compared his domination (also known as losing a challenge) to the Mob. In fact, I believe he used the words, "the Don has spoken..." I'm sure the Mob is grateful for this kid's homage. Please, I beg of them, whack this douchebag.

I apologize to you if you have no idea what I'm talking about. In fact, just save some brain cells and skip this post entirely. Being a new stay at home mom has only served to strengthen my addiction...I really gotta get out more.


Beck said...

Its good to know that we communicate so well in our marriage.

johnnapage said...

I have never seen this show, but I guess I am going to have to watch for it. I am addicted to the Hills and last night caught myself watching Paris Hilton's New BFF...Awful, I know, but I could not help myself! I love reading your blog. It feels like I am right there with you. Love ya!

Rachael said...

Yeah, i watch it too. i hate kenny as well. And I, also am addicted to the hills, but at least my husband watches it with me!