Thursday, October 16, 2008

Over the River and Through the Woods... (insert future name that is yet to really be determined)'s house we go!

I'm not sure if she should be Grandma, Grandmommy, Momma Kay, Momsie (heard that one last week and loved it), Gram or what. And I don't know if my mom knows what she wants to be called yet either. My dad is still struggling not to call himself "Dad" when Davy is around. (By the way, that green blankie in the photo above was made some 30 years ago by my grandmother who we lovingly called "Bumba.") Anyway...we went to Ft. Worth:

This photo was taken right before she ralphed all over him. He hasn't learned the importance of the burp cloth yet. Ah, grasshopper - vomit will teach you; it will be your master.
After this weekend there will be more photos of D. with her Gigi (a name with a perfect fit) and her daddy's side of the family. We are looking forward to seeing Sutton & Johnna as they haven't been in town since D. was born. Bring on the big family breakfast, the football games, the wine & cigars on the back patio, and the endless teasing of Sutton.


Rachael said...

We have friends who call the grandparents "Kiddo" and "Youngin" I love that, but we are going to let E name them himself. My Mom was supposed to be Grandmeaux, but Bronwyn insisted on calling her Darney and it stuck! you gotta love kids!